Service Designer

Slurp is a single binary, slurp.exe, which can be run on Windows or Linux and does not need to be installed as such. For Linux, run it with "java - jar slurp.exe". When you run it, the Service Designer will be displayed to enable you to create, test and deploy services. For a quick start, you can use the services available from the downloads page. Click Configuration>Import, and import all services from either XML file. For help at any time, just click menu File>Help.

Testing in GUI

Click menu Service>Run. Enter the required service inputs then click 'Run' or 'Debug' to see the service outputs.

Testing with Built-in Web Server

Click menu Server>Configure. Set an 'Endpoint' and/or 'Restful Path' for the service using 'Add', and then click 'Ok'. Start the built-in server by clicking on the circular red button.

Invoke the service from a browser with either http://localhost:8080/remote.json?Operation=multiply&Arg1=3&Arg2=5 or http://localhost:8080/remote/multiply/3/5.json, should display:


Alternatively, for XML output, use the same URLs but replace .json with .xml, should display:

<s:root xmlns:s=""><Pass>true</Pass><Result>15</Result></s:root>

Structured input data is best passed to the service in the request body as either XML or JSON. To see the expected schema for the input/output, right-click your service Inputs/Outputs component and select 'Generate', then either 'XSD for Service Input/Output' or 'JSON Schema for Service Input/Output'.

Alternatively, for SOAP invocations, get the WSDL for the service endpoints from http://localhost:8080?wsdl and call a service via Slurp's webservice component (Ws) or another SOAP client of your choosing.

Testing by Remote Deployment

Having assigned an 'Endpoint' and/or 'Restful Path' to the service (see previous method) then select menu Server>Create Deployment. Save the created WAR file and deploy it to a Java web server. Use the same address to test the service, except set the host and port appropriately for your Java web server.

Stand-alone Service Provision

To keep things simple and do away with a separate web server, you can run Slurp as a stand-alone data service, either as a Windows service or a Unix daemon. Just follow the simple set up instructions in the downloadable Slurp PDF or from Slurp's menu File>Help. 

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