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1) FULLY FUNCTIONAL FREE download of the latest digitally signed release (2024-07-09) here: slurp.exe - see note a) below

2) Or, just browse the latest complete documentation here: Slurp.pdf

3) To gain more insight, you can import and then examine/run any of these: Example Services - see note b) below

4) There are also plugins for SSH/SFTP, CIFS/SMB, LDAP and MS/Docs which can be downloaded from: Slurp Plugins - see note c) below

Happy slurping!

Note a): Unlimited users, you only need a license to run production services. The slurp.exe executable (also JAR format) is digitally signed by 'Active Websites Limited', but nonetheless some anti-virus engines may still register a false positive. If unsure, please submit it to VirusTotal to confirm there is no malware included. Requires Java 1.8+ but we seriously recommend using Java 21+ as the Virtual Threading makes service execution much more efficient/faster.

Note b): Run Slurp (on Windows this may require the JAVA_HOME environment variable to be set up, for non-Windows use 'java -jar slurp.exe'). Then use Configuration>Import to import services from either xml file. Edit/run any test service. Please note, to avoid connection timeout delays where web services are called you will have to start the built-in web server (click on the circular red button) and the database and plugin tests have been commented out due to you not having the database and JARs. An errored service is highlighted in red and can be double-clicked into to determine the root cause. If a test returns 'false' then look for the execution flow (coloured green) that caused it (or whose non-execution caused it). If necessary, you can debug the services, or turn on component input/output logging, or turn up the log level in the Preferences menu.

Note c): The SSH/SFTP plugin is an uber jar with Jsch. The CIFS/SMB plugin is an uber jar with jcifs-ng. The MS/Docs jar is an uber jar with Apache POI.

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