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FULLY FUNCTIONAL FREE download of the latest digitally signed release (2021-06-01) here: slurp.exe (see notes 1 & 2 below)

Or, just view the latest documentation here: Slurp.pdf

For a quick start, you can examine/run the test suite services here: slurp.xml (see note 3 below)

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Note 1): Unlimited users, you only need a license to run production services. Anti-virus software sometimes mistakenly views slurp.exe as malware, which it certainly is not. Please verify this yourself by submitting your download to VirusTotal.

Note2): As of release 2021-04-29, the Slurp XML namespace has changed from http://slurp.com -> https://slurpdata.com. To use your existing/old configuration, you will have to update the namespaces accordingly in your slurp.xml and in any persistent datastore XML files.

Note 3): Just put slurp.xml in the same directory from where you run Slurp. Edit/run any test service. Please note, you will have to start the built-in web server for the web service tests and the database and plugin tests have been commented out due to you not having the database and JARs. An errored service is highlighted in red and can be double-clicked into to determine the root cause. If a test returns 'false' then look for the execution flow (coloured green) that caused it (or whose non-execution caused it). If necessary, you can also turn up the log level in menu Preferences and check the logs. Happy slurping!

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